*Prices have increased due to supply chain issues

*Due to breaks in the supply chain and the fallout from Covid 19 our 4
week turnaround time could extend to 12 weeks or longer. Delivery
times are unpredictable. We understand this is inconvenient, but our
hands are tied in these difficult times. Our hope is things will improve and we can reduce the turnaround time. If you decide you are still interested please let us know.


Marstran Transformers

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Our transformers are single wound pieces. It is our desire to provide you with the highest quality replicas on the market at a fair value to you. As always, we appreciate your business and provide the best service we can.

In the last several years shipping costs have increased a fair amount. We ship through the USPS, utilizing their "Domestic Flat Rate" services. Orders shipped within the U.S. start at $17.10 per box for most orders. Canadian and International shipping costs are dependent upon the region and vary.